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How to choose the right dietary supplement

The choice of dietary supplements * is determined by the functional state of the body and the needs that these supplements must satisfy. There are many factors influencing the choice: age and health, physical activity, eating habits, etc. But among the general recommendations, three leading criteria are important:

  • environmental friendliness in the preparation and manufacture of components;
  • safety when used as directed and at recommended doses;
  • efficiency depending on the purpose of the reception.

Ecological cleanliness

One of the problems of today is a high, sometimes even excessive, environmental load on a person. The body is forced to resist vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, refined food and suffer from the inaccessibility of really good, environmentally friendly products. Plants that are used to make dietary supplements are also affected by this effect. To ensure the safety and purity of its products is guaranteed, Amway grows herbal ingredients on its own or certified farms, where a strict sanitary and ecological regime is observed. Thanks to this measure, the crop does not contain foreign substances.
Supplements made from such components:

  • help the body to remove already accumulated harmful substances;
  • support the normal activity of enzymes;
  • provide sufficient immunity activity.

Production cycles are the only ones in the world where the cultivation, collection and processing of plant sources for products is carried out on our own certified organic farms.
The entire seed fund used by Amway for the production of dietary supplements undergoes unique phyto and genetic control. For each plant, a “passport” is set up, thanks to which you can track how it developed, what it became after preparation for processing. Unsuitable raw materials are excluded from the production process and further dilution.
All this ensures the original purity of the product preparations:

  • hormones;
  • antibiotics;
  • GMO;
  • flavorings;
  • flavor enhancers;
  • dyes.


The level of confidence in products is increased by the open composition of components and their sources, as well as knowledge of the technologies used in the production process. With sufficient information, the consumer can choose a suitable product or complex that will help him:

  • to avoid unjustified changes in the daily diet in terms of volume / nutrients / calorie content / frequency of intake of dietary supplements. If the content of active ingredients is not standardized, the consumer cannot know whether he is receiving a sufficient dose. So, taking dietary supplements with iodine, many refuse to use other iodine-containing products, believing that the required amount of a trace element is provided. But this is true only for drugs, the content of the components in which is always standard and does not change from batch to batch, which is possible only if the strictest control measures and checks at all levels are observed;
  • ensure the supply of the required amount of macro- and micronutrients. The amount of biologically active substances (weight and percentage of the daily requirement) in NUTRILITE ™ preparations is always indicated in the instructions.

The safety of NUTRILITE ™ products is ensured by compliance with:

  • accurate dosage . This significantly distinguishes Amway dietary supplements from self-prepared vitamin supplements. Wild or home-grown natural raw materials never contain even an approximate exact amount of active ingredients. Even if the plants have grown nearby, one may be overly saturated with active substances, and the other may not have them at all. Simply because it grew where there was less sun or water.
  • selection of components for compatibility . Taking several monocomponent dietary supplements may be ineffective due to the antagonist components. These substances mutually weaken or even “turn off” each other’s activity. It is difficult to talk about efficiency in this case.
  • certification procedures in the country of implementation . Ensuring that local dosage and course standards are met is important because health care recommendations vary from country to country based on climate, geographic location, dietary habits, healthy lifestyle practices, adherence to regular supplementation, and more [1].

This approach to the selection of dietary supplements helps to ensure normal vital activity at the cellular and general levels.


Each consumer has their own expectations from the drug intake. And this is completely normal: some buy dietary supplements for prophylaxis, others need them at the stage of recovery after an illness. we offers programs that are effective for both individual and complex requests:

  • to maintain the health of the elderly, sports fans, children;
  • for people who have problems with the respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, eyes, etc. or those in risk groups;
  • for the prevention of colds, including immediately before the start of the epidemic season;
  • to ensure high mental and physical activity, improve memory;
  • for additional intake of protein and other nutrients.

Aside from careful selection of raw materials, what is our team doing to achieve maximum efficiency? Amway grows plants on its own farms and in the fields of certified farmers. All plants are screened according to company protocols prior to being processed. Everything that does not correspond to them is sent for recycling. But in the process of growth, the crops are also controlled. Once they have reached the required degree of maturity, they are harvested, dried within 20 minutes after harvesting and sent to the production of nutritional supplements of the brand.

The compliance of ingredients with quality standards is controlled by more than 200 tests: biochemical, microbiological, biotechnological, food, etc. Due to this, each capsule or tablet are always contains a specified, strictly defined amount of active and additional substances.


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