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How to overcome chronic fatigue and sleepiness?

The pace of life in modern cities is constantly accelerating. We slowed down a bit during quarantine, but on the whole, the pandemic only created new preconditions for stress: social isolation, uncertainty of the future, fear for themselves and loved ones, for many – difficulties with work. Where did come from stress and chronic fatigue s how to deal with them on their own, and where to get the strength for a normal life?
Stress is the body’s reaction to everything new as opposed to routine, it does not necessarily mean something bad. For example, traveling or dating can trigger the same psychological and physiological responses as being fired from work. The same goes for, for example, intense training, which at first can cause a negative response from the body, but in the long run, when it has already become a habit, it is beneficial.
Problems begin when the body cannot adapt to new conditions. Conditions can be both external (economic situation) and internal (relationship problems).

Frequent prerequisites for stress

  • Intense physical and mental stress. A particularly vulnerable category here is teenagers, applicants or students. In consultation with a specialist, the dietary supplement Magnesium can help reduce stress, which is also suitable for athletes and people with an active lifestyle.
  • Multitasking, the need to combine different responsibilities. This is especially true for women, in particular, in the period after the birth of a child. This is the time when it is especially important to control stress levels in order to prevent the development of postpartum depression. If you need to support the body, a specialist can recommend the dietary supplement Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D Complex, which restores the balance of potassium and magnesium, prevents vitamin D deficiency and helps to cope with the feeling of exhaustion caused by life’s troubles.
  • Emotional burnout is a psychological overwork, a feeling that “hands down”. It is impossible to regain the joy of life if the body’s resources are running out, therefore, in consultation with a specialist, you can start recovery with vitamins, minerals – a special complex that can not only smooth out the lack of nutrients in the diet, but also fight oxidative stress.

How constant stress affects the body

Physical manifestations:

  • headache;
  • muscle tension or pain;
  • lack of energy;
  • extreme tiredness;
  • sleep problems;
  • change in sexual desire;
  • weight gain or loss;
  • upset stomach.

Psychological symptoms:

  • anxiety;
  • lack of motivation;
  • anger and irritability;
  • sadness and depression.

The way people respond to stress may differ. It depends on both genetics and previous life experience. A strong stress response can be related to trauma or past abuse.

How to deal with stress and depression

How to deal with drowsiness, fatigue at home:

  • exercise regularly;
  • master the practice of relaxation (meditation, yoga, massage);
  • consult a specialist (in person or online);
  • spend a comfortable amount of time with family and friends;
  • normalize eating behavior (eat varied, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables);
  • set aside time for a hobby;
  • adjust your sleep and rest routine.

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