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After thirty years, age-related changes begin in a woman’s body, which can negatively affect health and appearance. However, a proper diet, intake of vitamins and minerals can significantly prolong health and youth.

Age-related changes in a woman’s body

  • Slow down metabolism. As we age, the body produces less growth hormone, which can lead to a decrease in muscle mass and tone. At the same time, adipose tissue is formed in the body faster, and because of the slowed down metabolism, it becomes more difficult to fight it.
  • Decreased bone massThis is due to the fact that bone cells regenerate more slowly, the body gradually loses calcium. As a result, bones become more fragile. Lack of calcium in the body can lead to osteoporosis and joint problems.
  • Skin changesThey occur as a result of a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin – the main “proteins of youth”, which are responsible for the elasticity of the skin. This is observed after 25 years, therefore it is at this age that the first wrinkles are laid, which by the age of 30 become noticeable visually.
  • Decreased immunityProtective cells and T-lymphocytes are located in a special organ – the thymus. After 30 years, part of his tissues are replaced by fat cells. Therefore, the functioning of the immune system deteriorates, and our body needs additional support with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other useful substances.

However, all these undesirable processes can be significantly slowed down or postponed. After all, age is not a sentence, but just a figure.

Anti-aging methods – Amway recommendations

  • Active lifestyle
  • Compliance with sleep and nutrition
  • A healthy diet
  • Drinking regime
  • Minimizing stress
  • Rejection of bad habits
  • Regular intake of vitamins

Active lifestyle

Leading an active lifestyle does not mean that you have to break sports records or spend long hours in the gym. You need to follow the capabilities of your body and choose the available types of training. For example, run at a pace that suits you 2-3 times a week. Jogging can be replaced by long walking, cycling, swimming, or elementary but regular fifteen-minute gymnastics.

Compliance with sleep and nutrition

Sleep time and duration are of great importance to health.

First, you need to sleep at night. This is due to the fact that it is at night that the hormone serotonin is produced, which is responsible for the emotional state. Therefore, a lack of sleep at night leads to bad mood and stress. Another “night” hormone, melatonin, is involved in metabolism, so if you don’t get enough sleep at night, you are more likely to gain weight. This is especially true for people over 30, whose metabolism begins to slow down.

Secondly, the duration of sleep should be at least 8 hours. Otherwise, the brain launches a self-cleaning system, removing completely necessary cells and synapses (places where nerve impulses are transmitted).

A healthy diet

The famous maxim “a man is what he eats” still remains true. The use of natural and healthy products, the priority of plant foods over animals, fish over meat is a recognized guarantee of health.

It is advisable to completely eliminate foods such as transgenic fats, carbonated drinks from the diet, and drastically reduce sugar intake.

Drinking regime

It is best to quench your thirst with clean drinking water or green tea. A glass of water 15 minutes before a meal helps to “start” the stomach and speed up the metabolism. The main thing is to observe the specified break between meals and water. Otherwise, the water will dilute the stomach acid and impair the digestion process.

Minimizing stress

A lot is known about stress and its harm today. However, life in such large cities as, for example, Moscow, with their tense rhythm and unhealthy environment, is itself a stress-generating factor. Minimizing the aggressive impact of the urban environment is an important task for a person of any age. Indeed, during stress, the hormones adrenaline and cortisol are produced, which destroy memory, weaken immunity, slow down metabolism, harm the heart and affect sex hormones. If it is not possible to eliminate stress by non-drug methods, you should see a doctor.

The anti-aging approach must be comprehensive. However, not all working women have the opportunity to eliminate stress from their lives, visit the gym on a regular basis and calculate their diet every day. In this case, you should start taking vitamins and dietary supplements.

The best vitamin complexes

Universal vitamins

Many women ask themselves the question: what good vitamin complexes exist today? The choice primarily depends on the specific organism and its weaknesses. However, there are universal restorative vitamin complexes that will be useful to any woman after 35 years. For example, vita complex is a basic complex of essential vitamins that is designed for one month. So, one of its tablets contains 93% of the daily value of iodine, 13 vitamins, 8 minerals and phytonutrients of 6 plants. Thus, taking one tablet once a day will help improve well-being and fill in the nutritional gaps, which is especially convenient for working and busy women.

For beauty

Women should pay attention to the series of vitamins, the effect of which is aimed at maintaining women’s health and beautiful appearance.

Iron supplements contains folic acid and ferrous salts – fumarate and gluconate, which are best absorbed. This drug raises efficiency, strengthens nails and hair, increases hematopoietic functions, which is especially important for women who lose iron during menstruation. In addition, the iron content in the female body is initially three times less than in the male. The product contains only proven, natural ingredients, so it can be taken by pregnant and lactating women.

Another important complex is very accurately called the ” Formula of Beauty” – its action is based on antioxidants that increase the life of cells, and the two main vitamins of female attractiveness – B7 and C. The benefits of these vitamins can hardly be overestimated. Vitamin B7 (biotin) helps skin cells retain moisture, and vitamin C helps to produce collagen. As a result, the condition of the skin, hair and nails is noticeably improved. The course is designed for one month.

Feminine supplements compensates for the lack of omega-6, which is necessary for the beauty and health of women, and also affects the well-being of women before and during menstruation.

To maintain immunity

It is well known that garlic is one of the most powerful immunomodulatory agents. However, it has a significant drawback – an unpleasant odor.  Garlic can work around this problem. One capsule of the drug contains 6 mg of allicin – the main active ingredient of garlic, which destroys harmful microorganisms, and also provides high immunity. The composition also contains peppermint, which neutralizes the smell.

Another good immunomodulator is ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It is found in rose hips, currants, parsley, green peppers, broccoli, etc. If you do not have the opportunity to consume these products often and in the required amount, you can purchase the  Vitamin C Plus complex. To maintain the required daily vitamin C level, you only need to drink one tablet. It contains: a concentrate of acerola berries, citrus fruits and other natural ingredients.

Vitamins come in two convenient forms: swallow able tablets and chewable tablets.

To combat excess weight

Since the metabolism slows down after age 30, this leads to weight gain. If you are not able to exercise on a regular basis, try the Weight Management Program. It has products for every taste. Bars with different flavors are very convenient, which you can eat during the day and stock up on energy without harming your figure. For breakfast, you can use Body key milkshakes, and throughout the day, drink an herbal tea drink based on mate, rooibos and green tea.

Foods high in carbohydrates promote the production of insulin, a hormone that accelerates the conversion of carbohydrates to fat. To slow down this process, it is worth using a carbohydrate blocker – its task is to block excess calories from food.

Learn more about Carbohydrate Blocker

Age-related changes are influenced by pharma – a preparation based on conjugated linoleic acid (from the group of fatty acids). CLA speeds up metabolism, affects fat burning and muscle growth during exercise. Combined with exercise, this helps in weight loss.

To protect bones and joints

Calcium loss is a serious age-related problem. A complex of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D will help to avoid it – substances that prevent bone fragility, help the body absorb calcium, and also contribute to muscle contraction and bone formation. The packaging is designed for one month.

Glucosamine will be an indispensable aid for those who play sports and those whose joints are under increased stress. The main ingredient in these capsules is glucosamine, which is the most important participant in the synthesis of connective tissues. It improves joint mobility and slows down joint destruction.


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