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Vitamins are involved in the regulation of metabolism in the body and are necessary for all women, without exception. However, which vitamins and in what quantity are best to take depends on the state of health, physical activity and age.

The body receives the bulk of the vitamins with food, if a woman pays proper attention to herself, leads a healthy lifestyle, does not have bad habits, and eats properly and varied. But is this always the case? In addition, over the past decades, the amount of nutrients in the composition of many vegetables and fruits has decreased. Heat treatment of food during cooking also does not contribute to the preservation of vitamins and microelements. Let’s not forget about the seasons when there is little sun and vitamin deficiency may appear. But the most serious issues are the absorption of vitamins by the body, which depends on the digestive system, as well as pregnancy and, finally, the age and health status associated with specific cycles in a woman’s life.

During these years, she faces another difficult task: to learn how to manage her well-being and correct the ongoing changes in order to delay what is unpleasant to think about – aging. Not all women know that a deficiency of vitamins and microelements can partly provoke early aging.

Therefore, vitamin complexes for women are of great help. Every woman is always looking for the best drugs for herself. According to many of them, the rating of effective drugs at an affordable price includes Amway products, the effectiveness of which is also confirmed by doctors.

Elegant age 40+

Forty years is considered the active biological age of a woman, which is called “middle”. However, at the physiological level, hormonal changes are already beginning to occur: the level of female sex hormones estrogens in the blood decreases. The reason is suppression of ovarian function. As a result, the metabolic processes of the whole organism slow down, and it begins to rebuild. This restructuring goes through three periods: premenopausal, menopause, postmenopause. Each of these periods has its own manifestations, since the processes occurring in the body negatively affect the work of many of its systems, which affects the appearance and well-being.

At 40:

  • the regularity of the menstrual cycle is disrupted;
  • the condition of the skin, nails, hair worsens;
  • changes in bone density;
  • chronic diseases may worsen;
  • decreased sex drive;
  • depressive conditions, mood swings, nervousness may occur;
  • hot flashes appear;
  • sleep problems begin to bother.

To correct and slow down these negative manifestations, you should draw up a “Personal health program”: seek advice from specialists – primarily a gynecologist and an endocrinologist, who will competently select individual replacement therapy and vitamin-mineral complexes It contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, carotenoids, evening primrose oil, angelica extract, ginger, as well as rod, a plant that normalizes the menstrual cycle.

What vitamins are especially needed during this period? The following vitamins must be included in preparations for women aged 40+.

  • Vitamin D

Cholecalciferol, or vitamin D3, is often called “solar” because it is produced by exposure to ultraviolet rays. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium from food intake, which means it increases the level of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, strengthening teeth and bones (which reduces the risk of fractures). In addition, this vitamin makes hair strong and shiny and nails strong.

  • Vitamin A

Retinol, or vitamin A, is an important antioxidant that can reduce the risk of many diseases, including serious gynecological ones. It is good for vision, which can decrease in acuity after 40 years, and also helps to maintain the thickness of the hair. In addition, vitamin A protects and moisturizes the skin. Its consumption rate is up to 0.8 mg per day.

  • Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant that you need to get every day, because it is actively consumed, for example, during stress or can be excreted when taking certain medications. Vitamin C contributes to the production of collagen, which makes the skin firm. The rate is up to 100 mg.

  • Vitamin E

Alpha-tocopherol, or vitamin E, is often referred to as the “female vitamin”. It is an antioxidant, which has been “glorified” to be a panacea for many diseases and an elixir of youth. It strengthens the immune system, delays the development of atherosclerosis and the likelihood of heart disease, improves hair structure, and fights skin aging. The norm is 15 mg. Vitamin E and lecithin become a source of substances important for the antioxidant defense of the body, strengthening the immune system, and maintaining the nervous system. The composition includes a soybean insulator.

  • Vitamin B12

Cyanocobalamin, or vitamin B12, has a positive effect on the emotional state that is unstable due to hormonal changes in the body and helps to improve sleep. The norm is 0.003 mg.

  • Magnesium

This element is needed for the functioning of the nervous system, it normalizes sleep, restores strength. A deficiency can affect the body’s use of calcium. The norm is 320 mg.

  • Iron

Provides hematopoiesis, it is necessary for women over 40 to prevent the development of iron deficiency anemia, caused, among other things, by prolonged heavy menstruation and hormonal changes in the body. In this situation, you can drink, for example, Iron plus: the complex contains folic acid and iron gluconate. The norm is 20 mg.

“Berry” age 45+

After 45 – the age, which is beautifully called “berry”, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity enter a new period for them – maturity and, unfortunately, face a new test, when signs of aging are more and more clearly manifested.

To the unpleasant symptoms that upset at the age of 40, others can also be added:

  • headaches, hot flashes;
  • fatigue, lethargy;
  • strong heartbeat;
  • memory problems;
  • private colds;
  • high blood pressure;
  • urogenital problems: vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, etc.;
  • chronic insomnia;
  • excess weight;
  • dry skin, wrinkles, fragility and hair loss;
  • decreased libido;
  • figure changes;
  • decreased bone density.

Today, life and well-being can be changed for the better: you can balance your diet, create a positive attitude, do fitness, devote time to your favorite hobby, visit a beautician and take vitamin complexes. Their packaging should be marked 45+, since during this period the female body also needs other vitamins.

  • B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12

They are necessary, as they take part in metabolic processes, give energy, are good for the skin.

  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

It helps to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthens the nervous system, produces hormones of joy – endorphins, slows down the aging process, moisturizes the skin, and stimulates hair growth.

  • Biotin (B7 or H, or coenzyme R)

It is necessary for the formation of healthy intestinal microflora, strengthens the immune system, improves sleep, relieves anxiety. Restores skin tissue, makes hair elastic, strong nail plate.

B-Complex Plus contains 7 B vitamins, including biotin and pantothenic acid, and is an excellent formulation to help relieve symptoms of unpleasant conditions.

  • Calcium

Helps in bone formation, blood clotting, muscle contraction. Dietary supplement Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D maintains healthy bones, preventing osteoporosis and fractures.

  • Vitamin K

Prevents the development of osteopenia (loss of bone mass and density) and osteoporosis (decrease in bone density).

  • Vitamin F

It normalizes blood cholesterol levels, is important for the cardiovascular system and even helps to avoid extra pounds. Supports the work of the skin glands.

  • Selenium

This substance is a recognized antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, fights aging and stress. Its functions are similar to those of vitamin E, therefore, their inclusion in the composition of vitamin-mineral complexes enhances the positive effect on the body.

  • Carnitine

It has a positive effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels, strengthens the immune system, slows down the loss of bone tissue.

  • Rutin

Leads to a balance of hormones and normalizes the thyroid gland, supports immunity. In a duet with vitamin C, it prevents the destruction of hyaluronic acid, on which the level of skin moisture depends.

  • Copper

The need for this mineral is associated with the production of energy by the body, support of blood vessels, improvement of hair structure, production of hemoglobin – a protein that saturates tissues with oxygen.

  • Zinc

Supports immunity. Lack of zinc is fraught with hair loss, dry skin, acne, and a decrease in taste.. Taking this complex for intense skin hydration prevents the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid. The composition includes PhytoInfuse ™ and PhytoCeramide ™, vitamins A and C, zinc.

Phytoestrogens and plant extracts

Some drugs that support women’s health contain phytoestrogens, which, to varying degrees, can increase the level of female sex hormones. First of all, these include red clover and soybean isoflaphones, as well as extracts of wild yam, cimicifuga, and evening primrose. Other plant extracts and concentrates have a tonic effect on the female body. Beauty Formula , which moisturizes the skin and strengthens hair, contains, along with vitamin C and biotin, grape seed and horsetail extract and acerola concentrate.

Which drug should you choose?

In the period that precedes the onset of menopause, that is, at 40-45 years old, a woman should support herself more than ever, and her body should receive those substances that it especially needs. It is necessary to live life to the fullest, prolong youth, feel good and look great. There are many different vitamin complexes designed specifically for the female body. But their acquisition and reception must always be justified.

So what are the best supplements to buy? How long should you take them at your age? And what should be the dosage? Of course, the answers to these questions should be sought together with a doctor who will prescribe the necessary diagnostics in order to understand which vitamins and trace elements the body is deficient in. Then, according to the results of the examination, age and well-being, the most suitable remedy is selected. It should be borne in mind that some of them have contraindications for admission.

In high-quality complexes, nutrients are balanced and represent the dose that is needed for one day. You can usually drink just one tablet, which is very convenient. There is one more rule that should be followed: vitamin-mineral complexes after taking them for a certain time must be changed.


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