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What vitamins are needed for women?

Any person living in the modern world and interested in health issues knows how important vitamins and minerals are for the full functioning of the body. Today, in an age of high technology and rapid progress, we are particularly affected by an oppressed ecology, poor food and a too fast pace of life, and our vitality needs additional support. The human body is a very complex and well-coordinated system that reacts sharply to changes in its balance. Every day, he needs a certain amount of vitamins and elements for the correct operation of the entire mechanism. Unfortunately, most vitamins are not synthesized within us. Important trace elements and vitamins – calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins C , A, E, group B, ascorbic acid and others – are found in natural products. Ideally, our food should be so thoughtful as to include everything we need in our daily norm. But to achieve this is almost impossible, especially since the assimilation of nutrients from products is low enough to fill the gaps. How can we help our body? The most correct thing is to choose a good vitamin complex. according to the results of analyzes for trace elements and vitamins.

You are at risk of vitamin deficiency if:

  • smoke and drink alcohol;
  • are on a diet;
  • do not follow the daily routine and eat from time to time;
  • lead an active sports lifestyle(for example, exercise daily);
  • are planning a pregnancy, expecting a baby or have recently given birth;
  • have crossed the age limit of 45 years.

How to understand that the body lacks vitamins?

The lack of vitamins in the body immediately makes itself felt – this is constant fatigue, weakening of the immune system, drowsiness, irritability and mood swings, fatigue, hair loss and brittle nails, headaches, dryness and itching of the skin – and this is not a complete list of possible symptoms. It is almost impossible to establish a direct relationship between a certain alarming symptom and the absence of any one vitamin in the body, because symptoms can signal the presence of other diseases. But you can still trace the relationship.
If you regularly observe similar symptoms in yourself, this is an excuse to pass tests and consult a doctor with them. Hypovitaminosis is a serious problem in the modern world, where people without exception diets, lead far from the most correct lifestyle, rarely rest and eat unhealthy foods. The doctor will be able to choose a comprehensive course of vitamins for a particular case, avoiding possible contraindications. It is also important to determine the required dosage and the most convenient form of release for you – these can be capsules, drops or usual tablets. If you prefer a complex multivitamin, then it is best to buy capsules – you can take them only once a day. The advantage of the capsule is that it reduces the chances of a possible incorrect reaction between vitamins: the granules contained inside dissolve in the stomach at different rates, which means that substances enter the circulatory system at the same time and do not interfere with each other. It is best to drink supplements in the morning, after a meal, or during, without chewing and drinking plain water.

Male and female vitamin complexes – is there a difference?

When we talk about vitamin complexes and human health in general, we are talking about a certain general set of useful elements that are designed to help our body stay vigorous and full of energy. However, if we proceed from the fact that male and female physiology differ significantly in many aspects, for example, the constitution of the body, the hormonal system, then the needs of our organisms for vitamins are also very noticeably different. This is why there are special vitamins for women.
During her life, the female body goes through various periods that cannot but leave their mark on the general state of health – first of all, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and menopause. Moreover, it has been proven that women are more susceptible to various adverse effects of external factors than men. Every woman at different ages with different quality of life, seasons and other risk factors increases or decreases the need for the amount and type of different vitamin supplements, and it is very important to monitor these changes in order to start replenishing the necessary components in time.
Scientific studies show that B vitamins are the most important for women – they speed up metabolism, increase resistance to stress, have an effect on the functioning of the brain and the entire cardiovascular system, enhance memory and have a particularly beneficial effect on the nervous system.
Equally important are vitamins E, C and A, which are responsible for maintaining immunity, skin regeneration and the general condition of hair and nails. With age, women’s bones become more brittle and fragile, tooth enamel becomes thinner – taking additional calcium will be a good support for bone tissue.
Few men have heard of hormone-related mood swings in women, but only women know how unpredictable and complex such conditions are. It is also possible to alleviate this situation thanks to dietary supplements with micronutrients. It aims to normalize the menstrual cycle and reduce the hormonal symptoms that precede the onset of menstruation. In its composition, evening primrose oil – a storehouse of Omega-6, extract of rod and angelica. Such a complex will be useful for those who suffer from menstrual pain and mood swings.

Natural beauty – to preserve and increase

It is important for every woman to feel beautiful and desirable. We spend a lot of effort to emphasize our beauty – for this we always have an arsenal of decorative cosmetics and all kinds of care products at hand. But natural beauty starts with clean, beautiful skin, healthy teeth, an even complexion, and good hair. All this can be achieved only if the whole organism is recovered from the inside. Proper nutrition, adherence to work and rest, an active lifestyle – this is what will effectively help you preserve your beauty. Of course, it is important to keep track of the balance of trace elements, minerals and vitamins in your body, and vitamin supplements will be an excellent help.
What are the best vitamins to choose for a woman who wants to maintain a blooming appearance, beauty and youthfulness of the skin? The best drugs have a wide spectrum of action due to well-chosen combinations of vitamins. Most often, you will find in their composition vitamins E, C and A, important for women, magnesium, iron, folic acid, calcium, selenium, iodine – they effectively work against aging of the body and are additional antioxidants, remove excess toxins and improve well-being. Sometimes collagen and all kinds of plant extracts can be found in the composition tablets : In addition to vitamin C, which helps in the production of collagen, there is also biotin, which helps to keep the skin hydrated. The composition also contains an extract of horsetail and grape seed – they are actively involved in the synthesis of collagen.
The body will react very quickly and responsively to your care for it – you will notice that the skin will become more elastic and glowing, sleep and regime will improve, energy will appear and mood swings will decrease.

Pregnancy and vitamins

Pregnancy is perhaps one of the most crucial and difficult periods for a woman. The body begins to work in an enhanced mode, actively cultivating a new life. The colossal expenditure of energy, strength and internal potential of the body is accompanied by significant expenditure of trace elements, minerals and vitamins of the expectant mother. It is very important to support your body in this situation.
Why is it worth using ready-made vitamin complexes before and during pregnancy? There are vitamins that mom and baby cannot do without. First of all, this is folic acid, or vitamin B9. It is he who is responsible for preventing possible pathologies and birth defects in the fetus. We get it along with greens and dark green vegetables. But its peculiarity is that it is very fragile – it is destroyed by heat and light. Therefore, it is difficult to obtain it in sufficient quantities from products. It is worth starting to take folic acid even during pregnancy planning, so that by the time it begins, the body has the necessary reserves.
Another vitamin important for pregnant women is B6. It will help to cope with a common problem in the first trimester – toxicosis, while a lack of it can lead to anemia. Iron preparations are very important in the second and third trimester for the prevention of hypoxia in a child and excessive tone of the uterus, but it is better to drink them along with vitamin C – it helps them to absorb.
Vitamin D works in conjunction with calcium – together they form bone tissue and the baby’s future teeth, and participate in the endocrine system.
It is better to choose a ready-made vitamin complex corresponding to the trimester of pregnancy, since all the needs of the mother and baby for vitamins and microelements with the correct daily dosage will be taken into account there. This way you can be sure that one or two tablets a day fully cover the needs of your body during this period.

Vitamins after childbirth

Do I need to continue taking vitamins after childbirth? This question arises quite often, because a lot is said about the need to take them during pregnancy, but the postpartum period is more devoted to the baby and the establishment of breastfeeding. There is only one answer – you need to! After all, the baby receives the whole set of important vitamins and minerals together with the mother’s milk, and her body is already weakened by the period of gestation and childbirth. At the same time, many mothers are forced to observe dietary restrictions during breastfeeding, for example, if the baby is prone to allergies, which means that they do not receive many nutrients from the diet.
The main effective vitamins during this period are iron (after all, large blood loss during childbirth must be restored and raised hemoglobin), calcium, vitamin D and A (they will help to maintain and improve the condition of teeth, bones, hair and nails), B vitamins (to avoid possible depression-depressive states), vitamin C – will support the immune system and the vascular system (take with caution to those who are breastfeeding – possible allergic reactions in the child).
The recovery process after childbirth can take a significant amount of time. During this period, attention should be paid not only to the physical, but also to the mental state, because the most important thing for a baby is a healthy and happy mother.


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